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Israel and International

Gil Livnah began working with Israel-related companies and investors in 1988. He has represented numerous emerging growth companies, venture investors, Government owned companies and publicly traded companies, including during multiple mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, intellectual property transactions and strategic transactions. In addition, Gil served as Senior Vice President Corporate Development and General Counsel of an Israel-based technology company.

As a result of our extensive experience working with the Israeli high-tech community in Israel and California, the firm has developed a deep understanding, first-hand, of the business culture, accelerated timetables and discerning standards of Israeli entrepreneurs and investors. We relish the challenge and satisfaction of working with brilliant, driven entrepreneurs and continue to grow our portfolio of cutting edge Israel-related technology company clients.


The firm has been involved in multiple cross-border mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and commercial transactions. Our experience includes leading transactions involving companies and investors based in the United States, Israel, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Italy and France.

The firm continues to leverage its cross-border transactional experience and knowledge of overseas business customs to provide a strong partner for American companies conducting business transactions overseas and for international companies seeking transaction execution services in the United States.


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